Gifting and credit

1. I would like to buy a gift for a friend.
When you like to gift an item, right click on the item and choose ‘menu’. A blue pop-up appears where you can fill in the recipients name, you can now pay the item and it will be delivered to you friend.
Or you can gift through the Marketplace buy using the ‘Add to cart as gift’ button.

2. I would like to give someone a giftcard.
There are giftcards available at the mainstore.
Click on an amount of your choice, you will be asked if you like to purchase a giftcard. Click ‘Yes’ and you will receive an (un-actived) giftcard in your inventory. Wear this giftcard and pay the amount needed to the corresponding sign. The giftcard is now activated and can be given away.

3. I received a giftcard.
If you received a giftcard you can redeem this in the mainstore. Wear your giftcard and click on ‘Redeem card’ and choose ‘Redeem’. The value of the giftcard is now added to your store credit.

4. What can I do with my store credit?
You can use your store credit for purchasing items at Essenz. To use store credit, right click on the item, choose ‘Menu’ and click on ‘Use credit’. If you do not have enough credit, you can pay the Credit terminal the amount needed. Right click on the Credit terminal and choose ‘Pay’ to add an extra amount. To check your current store credit, click on the Credit terminal and it will tell you your current balance.

Everytime you buy an item at the Essenz mainstore 5% of your purchased price will be added to your credit. (15% for VIP group members)


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